Fun fact about Kaitlyn, she is a third generation pastor who always said she would not get into ministry directly… and here she is, in ministry and LOVING IT. God is funny that way, just when you think you aren’t qualified he reminds you that it is HE who qualifies you. That is Kaitlyn in a nutshell, not qualified but loving the life of being His. She is a graduate of Rhema Bible Training College which was her Father's Alma Mater and now her's and her sister's as well. She’s an aspiring violinist who can’t play a lick and enjoys singing from the back of the sanctuary. Kaitlyn is happily married to her husband Chris and absolutely loves doing life and ministry with him. They have two beautiful daughters who keep them on their toes! They truly enjoy spending time with their teens and believe they host a group of world-changers every Sunday. Her favorite activities includes beating her husband in card games, cheating or not, it still counts!

Chris jokingly considers himself a Rhema Grad by proxy as Kaitlyn covered every class in GREAT detail while she attended. He's the Operations Manager of a chain of restaurant and a well known chef, at least to those who know him well! If there is a meal to be had at FWC, Chris is volunteered to cook before you can say "Breakfast" which is his signature meal. He's known for being both the comedian and the level head in most all circumstances! He and his wife Kaitlyn lead the youth group at FWC. He's known as the "Round Mound Of Rebound" by the youth and can usually be found participating in whatever sport the kids get him into next. He's happily married to his wife Kaitlyn and they have two beautiful daughters. Oh, and he vehemently denies all charges of losing at cards. 

Chris Baker

Kaitlyn Baker